Key Strategies for Achieving the Core Goals

Goal 2: We will create the programmatic and physical infrastructure necessary to promote excellence in the integration of learning and living.


1. Ensure that our incoming students are provided with the support to make the transition to college life as confident, motivated, and responsible students, by developing a more comprehensive and extended orientation program and a Center for Academic Success.

  •  Develop programming that will be sensitive to all cultures and backgrounds, with particular responsiveness to the needs of the growing Latino population.

2.  Develop a safe, nurturing, and enjoyable environment to support students academically, socially, spiritually, physically, psychologically, and professionally. 

  • Expand the Center for Academic Success to serve not only “at risk” students, but any student who wishes to work to improve his or her performance, helping to create a culture of excellence.
  • Enhance the presence of Campus Ministry and Social Action on campus by creating programming and space in the residence halls, providing greater access to the entire community.
  • Expand opportunities for service and for service learning.
  • Renew commitment to maintaining campus standards of conduct, with special emphasis on civility, informed by Lasallian understandings of our work as a community, “together and by association.”
  • Develop a campus Honor Code promoting high expectations of academic integrity and ethical standards.
  • Develop programming that leverages our diversity and promotes multi-cultural awareness.

3. Ensure that our graduating students have excellent support in their efforts to gain employment upon graduation.

  • Develop our Center for Career Development and Placement to be a model for such Centers among our peers, capitalizing on our alumni network and our location.
  • Increase quantity and quality of internship opportunities.

4.  Ensure that our graduating students who desire to continue in graduate or professional school are provided with the preparation and support to make that transition and to succeed at the graduate level.

  • Strengthen and integrate into the schools the Office of Graduate School and Fellowship Advisement (formerly named the Office of Post-Baccalaureate Studies), as we strive for ever-improving rates of acceptance into high-quality graduate and professional schools.
  • Increase opportunities for students to engage in research.

5.  Promote and model sustainability throughout our Learning and Living community. 

  • Re-establish the campus-wide Sustainability Committee, which will work with the Office of Facilities to review college practices, processes and policies and propose changes that promote sustainability as appropriate. 
  •  Establish a new Center for Sustainable Development, which will leverage and build on the expertise, mission and existing resources of Manhattan College to develop a distinctive and valuable Center that contributes to the interdisciplinary education and research on sustainability and raises the profile of the college.