CFA Members for Academic Year 2014-2015

Terms Concluding in 2014-2015

  • Pam Chasek (Government/History)
  • Kevin Farley (Civil Engineering/Environmental Engineering)
  • Gary Kolks (Chemistry)
  • Lisa Toscano (Kinesiology)
  • Evi Voudouri (Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering)
  • Marc Waldman (Accounting/CIS/Law)
  • Kathy Weld (Mathematics/Computer Science)

Terms Concluding in 2015-2016

  • Joan Cammarata (Modern Languages & Literatures/Philosophy)
  • Thom Gencarelli (Communication/Visual and Performing Arts)
  • Bahman Litkouhi for Mohammad Naraghi (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Stacy Pober (Library)
  • Quentin Machingo for Bruce Shockey (Biology)
  • Gwendolyn Tedeschi (Economics/Finance)
  • David Witzling (English)

Terms Concluding in 2016-2017

  • Cory Blad (Psychology/Sociology)
  • Robert Geraci (Religious Studies)
  • Bruce Liby (Physics)
  • Peter Lindner (Chemical Engineering)
  • Peter McCarthy (Education)
  • Carolyn Predmore for Janet Rovenpor (Management/Marketing)

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