Grants Administration

The Grants Administration office works with faculty to obtain funding from sources including government grants and sponsored research opportunities. The life cycle of a grant begins with finding a funding opportunity and typically ends with the submission of the final report and completion of the research.    

The Grants Administration office can assist with:

  • Finding Funding
  • Preliminary Proposal Development
  • Agency Credential Creation
  • Budget Building
  • Document Upload and Completion of Application Forms
  • Proposal Review (Both individual and peer)
  • Grant Submission
  • Programmatic and Financial Establishment
  • Summer Salary Processing and Help with Expenditures
  • Reporting Assistance
  • Additional Help Upon Request


Upcoming Events


I will be presenting four (4) grant related seminars this semester. One topic will be covered each week. In order to accommodate as many members of the Manhattan College Community as possible, I will offer duplicate sessions on Tuesdays at 3:30pm and Wednesdays at noon in the O’Malley Library, Room 103. The first week is the only week where I could not repeat the presentation on consecutive days.


The schedule is as follows: 

  • “Introduction to Sponsored Programs” - November 25 
  • “Introduction to Federal Agencies” - November 5 and 6
  • “Responsible Conduct in Research” - November 11 and 12
  • “Finding Funding” - November 18 and 19


For more information, contact Dominic Esposito at 718-862-7160 or