April 1

Continuing students only: Renewal FAFSA application deadline. Registration for Fall 2015 begins.

May 1

New students only: Enrollment Card, deposit, and housing questionnaire are due

May 22

Undergraduate Commencement for Spring 2016

May 27

Anticipated: Financial Aid Administration will send further financing details to new students for Fall 2015.

Mid-to-late June

Renewal financial aid award notice emailed to continuing students

June 1-2

Freshman Orientation I

June 3-4

Freshman Orientation II

June 8-9

Freshman Orientation III

June 22

Incoming students respond to award letters. Stafford, Parent PLUS & Private loan applications due (ongoing)

July 1

Anticipated first payment due if enrolled in 10-month budget plan

July 10

Fall semester tuition bills mailed

July 17

Deadline to submit federal Stafford, federal PLUS, and private loan applications

August 1

July/Aug payment due if enrolled late in 10-month budget plan. 

August 10

Fall semester tuition payment deadline. Federal work-study and campus employment instructions will be mailed out to eligible students in mid-August

August 25-26

Freshman Orientation IV, Transfer Orientation

August 31

First day of Fall 2015 classes.

Early November

Registration for Spring term

Early December

Spring semester tuition bills mailed

Early January

Spring semester tuition payment deadline

January 31

At the very latest, IRS 1098-T forms are mailed to eligible students annually by this date.

March - April

Exit Counseling Activities/Workshops for Graduating Students