Repayment Calculators

The repayment calculator resources below can help you project a realistic repayment amount prior to borrowing. Student loan borrowers are required to begin making payments on their education loans once they graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment. 

Please keep in mind that all repayment calculator results are estimates as the outcomes are determined by self-reported information.

Recommended Repayment Calculators

It's Never Too Early to Plan Ahead

We encourage you to keep student loan debt borrowing to a minimum by only borrowing what you need, and when possible, making optional loan payments during your education at the College. Federal and private loans can be repaid before repayment or earlier than the end of your scheduled repayment plan without penalty. Current student loan borrowers can even ask Financial Aid Administration to return loan funds instead of requesting a refund or rolling over a credit balance toward future tuition charges. The office of Financial Aid Administration strongly recommends that you learn financial literacy to better manage your personal finances and make student loan repayment easier.

Knowing potential repayment amounts may also help motivate you to take advantage of every opportunity Manhattan College has to offer, including but not limited to: