Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Manhattan College establishes a full cost of attendance (COA) budget that includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal/miscellaneous expenses. Students are only billed for tuition and fees and the cost of on-campus residency, but the other expenses are calculated into the student expense budget for the purpose of establishing need and awarding aid.

The uncertainty of present-day costs makes it necessary for the College to reserve the right to adjust tuition and fees whenever necessary. In applying for admission, students and their families should anticipate future annual increases.

Cost Worksheets

New Students

Continuing Students

Regular Fees

Tuition (all schools) $18,450
School of Education & Health Program Fee $690
School of Arts Program Fee $690
School of Science Program Fee $880
School of Business Program Fee $820
School of Engineering Program Fee $1,380
Information Services Fee (Resident) $325
Information Services Fee (Commuter)  $190
Student Activity Fee $260
Health Services Fee $75
Tuition per credit (Part-time studies) $945
Room & Board (Ultimate Plan) $7,505
Room & Board (Overlook) $7,070

Special Fees

OTHER charges & FEES - 2016-2017
Overcredit Charge (per credit) $945
Taskstream Portfolio Fee (annual charge) $40
Single Room Surcharge (per semester) $2,355
12-Month Housing (annual charge) $3,275
Intersession Residency Charge per week (Attending MC Class) $220
Intersession Residency Charge per week (Not Attending Class) $325
Dorm Damage Deposit (one-time fee) $300
Matriculation Fee (one-time fee) $330
Orientation Fee (one-time fee) $300
Orientation Fee_Transfer Students (one-time fee) $250
Non-Matriculation fee (per term) $180
Returned Check Charge (per item) $25
Study Abroad Fee (per semester away) $550
Intersession Internship (per credit) $250
Graduation Fee (per diploma/ certificate) $375
Transfer Credit Fee (for off-campus courses) $160
Transcript (per copy) $5
Late Payment Charge (assessed monthly on the open balance) 1%

Note: Rates are effective May 1, 2016