Tuition Liability Policies

Students who wish to withdraw from the College must complete the required Manhattan College Withdrawal Form (obtained from their Dean's office). The date used for refund/liability purposes will be the date that the form was completed, not the last date of attendance. An adjustment to tuition may occur when a student withdraws from school or is withdrawn by the College, depending on the date of the withdrawal (please see the liability chart below). 

A Return to Title IV aid calculation must be conducted for students who withdraw or take a leave of absence and receive federal aid and/or loans. This may cause a reduction in federal financial aid and/or loans, resulting in a balance due. 

Tuition Liability

Refund of tuition charges and program fee only will be made in accordance with the following schedule. There is no adjustment for mandatory fees after classes begin.

semester week Refund
During the 1st week of classes 100%
During the 2nd week of classes 80%
During the 3rd week of classes 60%
During the 4th week of classes 40%
During the 5th week of classes 20%

After Week 5 there is no refund, and 100% liability of tuition and fees.

Room and Board Liability

Charges will be prorated per calendar week up to 5 weeks, as authorized by Residence Life.

Tuition Insurance Plan

An optional insurance plan may be purchased prior to the first day of classes in the Fall term to cover you in cases of accident or illness.  See the Tuition Insurance Plan page for more information.