Nonpayment Penalties

Tuition and fees are due before the start of each term. The information below describes penalties that can occur for nonpayment to a student account with an outstanding balance.

Late Fees

If your account becomes past due, a late payment penalty charge of 1% per month will be assessed on subsequent bills (see: late fee appeal policy). 

Account Restrictions

Students with past due account balances cannot:

  • have access to academic transcripts.
  • have academic credits certified.
  • receive a diploma at commencement ceremonies. If your account remains outstanding after your departure from Manhattan College, it may be referred to a collection agency and reported to a credit bureau.
  • be allowed to register for future semesters and may be administratively withdrawn from Manhattan College. 

Returned Checks

If a check or e-check payment posted to the student account is returned by the bank because of insufficient funds or a closed account, the returned check, along with a $75 returned check fee, will be charged to the student account.

Consequences of a Returned Check

The student will receive a notice regarding the returned check.  Payment for the amount of the returned check and the $75 must be paid immediately by cash, credit card, certified bank check or money order.  Personal checks will no longer be accepted as a payment option.

The College will request that future payments be made in form of cash, credit card, certified bank check or money order.  The College reserves the right to cancel or deny enrollment for a particular term due to payment with insufficient funds.