Deferral Agreements

Students who need more time to pay their tuition bill or whose employers offer a tuition remission benefit may apply for deferment consideration below. 

Deferral and Promise to Pay

An approved deferment agreement is the student's personal obligation to meet and is considered to be a binding Payment Agreement. The student is then obligated to make payment in full for applicable semester by the extended deadline established therein. 

Fall 2016 Applications

Please download and submit the relevant form below to apply for a tuition deadline extension. A non-refundable $100 fee payment is required, as well as documentation for pending funds and/or recent loan approvals. Final deferral approval is determined by the Student Accounts & Bursar Services office. 

  • Deferral Form - Extension for Spring payment until September 30, 2016
  • Employer Deferral Form - Extension for Spring payment until January 6, 2017 (accompanied by copy of employer's reimbursement policy)

Approved Deferral Features

  • Prevents a student from being dropped or unenrolled from their courses. Note: Non-attendance does not constitute reversal of tuition/fees liability.  
  • Prevents the accrual of late fees until the extended tuition payment deadline
  • Permits a resident student to move into residence halls with documentation of secured, funding sources

Default Consequences

When this document is processed by Student Accounts and Bursar Services, the student incurs full liability for the amount shown on the deferral agreement or the total balance of the term account, whichever is greater. Failure to receive anticipated resources and financial aid funds do not excuse a student's financial obligation to make payment in full.

Failure to pay this account by the approved deferral due date will also result in:

  • The imposition of additional fees and possible legal ramifications
  • A hold on the student’s records, grades, transcripts and future registration at Manhattan College  
  • The College charges a 1% interest penalty per month, on any balance greater than thirty days

Deferral Deadline Concerns

Students with past due balances should never ignore their tuition statements. Instead, they should contact Student Accounts and Bursar Services to discuss alternative payment options.