Event Request Form

All student groups must submit the following form in order to request an event. 

  • No advertising about the event is allowed until the event is approved.
  • Students NEVER sign any contracts. 
  • All ticket sale revenue gets deposited to Student Government revenue for re-distribution.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Activities office at (718) 862-7247.


You must submit this form at least four weeks before your event. It will not be accepted if you submit it less than four weeks out. If the event is open to non-MC students, you must submit this form two months in advance.
Note: Meetings can only be booked for half an hour at a time.
If T-shirts are requested for your event, please complete the T-Shirt Request Form and email to eventrequest@manhattan.edu for approval.
Before submitting this form, please view menu options at manhattan.e-cater.com for your event and include food items requested here. If you are requesting pizza, please place order here.
Please note that if your event requires payment, you must supply an invoice to eventrequest@manhattan.edu within four weeks of your event. If your event requires ordering of supplies, please include link here of requested items (i.e. decorations through Oriental Trading Company).
You must email a full proposal with dates, times, students attending and approximate costs to eventrequest@manhattan.edu and to bac@manhattan.edu and/or lac@manhattan.edu. Conferences/LAC requests must get passed through Student Government and require a proposal within two months time.