What to Expect When You Move on Campus


  • Bed (with an extra-long twin mattress) for each resident
  • Desk and chair for each resident
  • Wardrobe (Lee Hall, Chrysostom) or built-in closet (Horan, Jasper) for each resident
  • Large dresser (with 6 drawers) for roommates to share


  • Chrysostom and Jasper Halls feature communal bathrooms with private showers that are cleaned and maintained by housekeeping staff daily.
  • Lee Hall and Horan Hall feature suite-style bathrooms, between two double rooms. Cleaning responsibilities are shared among the residents of each suite.  


  • All rooms have cable TV (one outlet per room).
  • Wireless Internet access is available throughout all residence halls.
  • One Ethernet jack per resident


  • All residence halls have laundry facilities within the building.
  • All residence halls have common lounges, recreation rooms, study rooms, and kitchenettes.