• AIDS/STD Hotline: 800-342-2437
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Hotline: 800-662-HELP
  • NYC Emergency Services: 911
  • Rape Crisis Help Line: 212-227-3000
  • Allen Pavilion Hospital: 212-932-4000
  • Suicide 24-Hour Hotline: 212-673-3000 

Helpful Websites

National Institute of Drug Abuse: 
This website covers information on drugs for parents, teachers, students and researchers.

NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault: 
This website offers information from survivors and friends of rape victims. It includes a range of topics including myths and facts, laws, rights of survivors and hotlines.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: This website has publications, FAQs, news releases, research, a search engine and other resources to find information on alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

College Alcoholism: This website is a new online resource that connects alcoholics and their families with the help they need to conquer this disease.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 
This website has A-Z health topics as well as up to date health-related news.

Centers for Mental Health Services: This website offers information on a variety of mental health services. It includes a search engine for easy navigation.

Med Help International: This websites cover A-Z listings of health-related issues. 

NYC Department of Health And Mental Hygiene:
 This websites cover A-Z listings of health-related issues. 

Family Doctor (American Academy of Family Physicians):
This website gives self-care information by symptom.

Ebola Information: This webpage provides information about the Ebola virus.