Reminders for New Students

Check with your insurance carrier to find out whether your present health insurance will continue to be available while you are attending Manhattan College, particularly if you are attending school out of state. If you are enrolled with a managed-care company, find out if the network includes providers in the NYC area.

Insurance companies may request documentation that a student over 18 years of age is enrolled full-time in order to maintain coverage. If this documentation is needed, please call the Registrar’s office at 718-862-7914 and the staff will assist you. 

It is recommended that you submit a copy of your health-insurance identification card to Health Services to be maintained with your other health records.

Accident Insurance Plans for Students

Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in a mandatory basic accident plan. Note that this coverage is secondary to any insurance that a student may have and that it only covers accidental injuries. If a student incurs medical expenses associated with an accident, a report must be made to the accident insurance plan within 90 days of the accident. Claims must be submitted on a timely basis in order to receive benefits. See the Manhattan College Accident Insurance Plan Brochure 2013-14. 

Health Insurance Plans for Students

Manhattan College does not provide a Group Health Insurance Plan that covers all students.  

Students who do not already have access to individual health insurance coverage or would like to explore additional insurance options have the option of working with the College’s health insurance broker, Marshall & Sterling, who can provide detailed information that can help identify the health plan that will best meet your needs.  Marshall & Sterling can also help you understand whether enrolling on the NY State Health Exchange is an available option, and whether enrolling in a health plan on or off the health exchange is the best approach. 

There are 3 simple steps to determine whether purchasing health insurance on or off the health exchange is right for you:

Step 1: 
Review the health plans and rates that are offered on and off the NY State Health Exchange:

Step 2: 
Go to the online subsidy calculator on the NYS Health Exchange website to find out if you qualify for a federal assistance subsidy, which lowers your monthly premium if you are eligible. 

The link to the subsidy calculator is Scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click “Tax Credit and Premium Estimator.”

Please note: You can only take advantage of the subsidy if you purchase coverage on the exchange. 

Step 3: 
If you decide you would like to enroll in any of the offered plans, contact Denise O'Halloran of Marshall & Sterling at (845) 567-1000 ext. 2437 to determine the next steps.  She can assist you with enrolling on and off the NYS Exchange.