Education Career Fair 2014

  • Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2014
  • Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm
  • Location: Smith Auditorium

If you are interested in working with children as a teacher, administrator, coach, counselor or youth development specialist, attend the 2014 Education Career Fair.  We are targeting 30 schools and organizations who are interested in hiring YOU.  Save time scrolling through online positions and shake hands directly with recruiters making hiring decisions. All MC students and alumni are welcome.

2014 Education Career Fair Employer List (last updated 3.4)

How to Register for the Education Career Fair

  • Step #1 Sign up on Jasperlink by Feb 28, 2014.
    • We will email you to apply for positions that employers post.  These interviews will be held onsite at the Education Career Fair during the first two hours.
    • Please note that employers will probably prioritize juniors and seniors for these positions.  However, there may be one or two open to all students.
    • See a tipsheet for how to sign up for JasperLink 
  • Step #2 - Post your resume in the resume book.

After you register, please review one of the student checklists below:

School of education students career fair checklist 

School of arts/science/business/engineering students career fair checklist 

You can also view a list of Education Industry resources to support your research


We strongly encourage to attend the following workshops to gain an understanding of the application processes and an overall understanding of the education industry.  Workshops and panels offer you a great opportunity to network with employers prior to the Career Fair and give you the inside edge on getting the position.

See the full workshop schedule

How to maximize your experience at the Education Career Fair

Interview Hour

  • Come 15-30 minutes early for your interview and wait in the designated area in Smith for your name to be called.
  • Pay attention in this waiting area - if your name is called, you need to be ready to interview immediately.
  • Review your personal pitch, your resume and remember your reserach on the organizations.   
  • Remember, the recruiters are already interested in you. How do you know this??? Because they scheduled an interview with you!!! So relax, now it is time for you to confirm their curiosity and interest in you, be confident and articulate.

Network Hour

**It is most important that you review the list of schools BEFORE you get to the ECF. This is an opportunity for you to meet with schools that you may have been interested in but was unable to schedule an interview with them.  Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are encouraged to attend this during this time.

  • Check-In to receive your name tags (include your full name, school and major) and a copy of the floor plan.
  • Examine the floor plan to locate your top 5 organizations and indicate their locations. ~Your top 5 organizations are the ones you feel you must visit!
  • Speak to Recruiters in a clear and confident tone!
  • Be prepared to be asked questions about your student teaching experience, your philosophy of education, your career aspirations etc. (See education interview questions )
  • Organizations want candidates that show initiative and knowledge. Ask specific questions about their school/organization to demonstrate REAL interest. Some key points you can make derive from their schools facts, achievements, student -teacher ratio, current news and any other information YOU feel is important for you to have in a work environment.
  • Take your professional headshot at the LinkedIn photo booth!
  • Don't forget - Complete the Student Exit Survey!
  • Within 24-hours, send a thank you letter to all recruiters.