A résumé is your marketing tool in your job search campaign. It is an advertisement of your abilities, accomplishments and skills. It should be honest, positive, concise and easy to read. There are several types of résumés:

Examples By Major


This résumé is a reverse chronological list of education, job experiences and accomplishments. As the most common type, it is recommended for the first-time résumé writer.


This résumé highlights the professional skills you have gained throughout your career. It is similar to a chronological résumé but presented around skill clusters. Recommended for professionals with a variety of work experience or for individuals interested in a career change who do not have direct job experience in the new career area.

Curriculum Vitae

The CV is used within the academic community to highlight work experience, as well as research interests and professional development within an academic setting. Recommended for graduate students and for those pursuing teaching or research positions in a college or university.


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