Resources for Students with Disabilities

As a student with a disability, you consider various factors as you seek internships, employment or apply to graduate school. For further information on your rights, disclosure, and accommodations, please visit the Manhattan College Specialized Resource Center. Below you will find a list of resources to help you in your career pathway. 

General Resources [+]

American with Disabilities Act (1990): It is crucial for you to become familiar with the Guide for Students with disabilities who are seeking employment. The main principle of ADA is to aid individuals with disabilities that want to work and are qualified to work by providing an equal opportunity to work. 

The American Association of People with Disabilities: AAPD aids in an array of opportunities, ranging from promoting access to post-graduate students, advocating for health, benefits and housing, aiding international students with disabilities, providing aid for students who need transportation, and more. 

Disability.govThis is a federal government website portal that assists individuals with disabilities, their families, veterans, employers, educators and others in finding resources such as benefits, housing, employment, education, and health. In turn, these resources will allow you to become an active citizen in your community.


Career Resources [+]

Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities: COSD works with colleges and universities and assists them in developing collective relationships between the disability services and career services offices on campuses. As a result, their students with disabilities are better prepared and more competitive in their career search.  COSD also works with employers to identify new methods of recruiting and hiring college graduates with disabilities, including internship opportunities and encouraging the participation of employers in specialized internship and recruiting programs that focus on college students with disabilities. 

Career Services: Created by the University of Minnesota, this site outlines the factors that need to be taken into consideration when applying for employment, including internships, networking, and your legal rights. 

National Organization on Disability: NOD is a non-for-profit organization that aides individuals with disabilities in finding employment.

Job Accommodation Network: JAN provides guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. JAN helps people with disabilities improve their employability and teach employers how to capitalize on the value and talent that people with disabilities add to the workplace. 

Job Resources for Individuals with Disabilities: These site aid individuals with disabilities in finding employment, and reiterate the individual’s legal rights and provides them with general resources. 

Lime Connect: Lime Connect is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to connecting high potential students and alumni with disabilities for scholarships, internships, the Lime Connect Fellowship Program and full time careers with Lime Connect partners.

National Business and Disability Council: NBDC is a valuable resource for employers seeking to employ individuals with disabilities in and for companies seeking to reach individuals with disabilities in the consumer marketplace. 

USAJOBS The Federal Government is actively recruiting and hiring people with disabilities. They offer a variety of exciting jobs, competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and opportunities for career advancement.


Media & General Programs [+]

Online Mainstream: Online Mainstream is produced by, for and about people with disabilities. Read their news & current affairs, new products & technology, profiles of movers & shakers, education, employment, sexuality & relationships, housing, transportation, travel & recreation.

The Riley Guide: The Riley Guide provides resources specifically set up to meet the needs or address the interests of the disabled.

Ticket to Work Program: Social Security's Ticket to Work Program is a free and voluntary program available to individuals ages 18 - 64 who are blind or have a disability and who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. The goals of the Ticket to Work Program are to: offer individuals with disabilities additional choices when seeking service and supports to enter, re-enter, and/or maintain employment; increase the financial independence and self-sufficiency of people with disabilities; and reduce and eliminate reliance on disability benefits. 

World Institute on Disability: WID aids individuals with disabilities to integrate themselves into society, find employment, and aid in their economic security and health care. WID also creates new programs and tools; conducts research, training, public education and advocacy campaigns; and provides technical assistance.