Careers using different languages skills require in-depth knowledge writing, reading, and speaking. Settings in which occupations are on high demand and require such language skills include hospitals, courts and legal organizations, government agencies, international organizations, and business organizations among others. Specialties in these careers include translating, interpreting, teaching and linguistics. These specialties differ in that translators translate written materials from language to another. Translators need the ability to write and express themselves in the target language. Interpreters, who can either interpret simultaneously (speaking and translating at the same time) or consecutively (translate after the speaker has spoken) need to be able to interpret both to and from their native language without using any type of reference. Interpreters need to be good listeners and remember what has been said in one language while simultaneously or consecutively providing a translation in another language. Essentially, a good knowledge of the context being spoken about is needed.  

Sample Employers

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Translations Agencies (US and International)

Common Sense Advisory, Inc. created a report in May of 2012 on The Top 100Language Service Providers. On the list you will find companies that are US based and beyond.

Translations Agencies (NYC)

Some of NYC specific agencies are JR Language, TransLingua, Rennert, Trans perfect, Indy Translations, AltaLingo24 and Morningside Translations

UN Portal

Review UN job/internship portal for any opening that require foreign language skills: Click on the "Internship" tap on the job portal. 

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