Consultants work with clients to provide support around a range of strategic and/or operational issues. Corporations, governments, and nonprofit organizations all hire consultants. The tasks performed range from conducting detailed industry analyses, to benchmarking comparable organizations, to devising key strategic initiatives. Consulting firms can have a specific industry focus or serve a variety of industries. 

  • Environmental - Ensures that the client maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Healthcare - Works with medical providers (e.g., hospitals), payers (e.g., insurance firms), and medical equipment/pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Human Resources - Focuses on the management of people; can include everything from designing an employee evaluation and compensation system to conducting organizational effectiveness training to helping an organization through a merger
  • Management - Focuses primarily on strategy for organizations
  • Nonprofit - Deals with the unique challenges of nonprofit organizations.
  • Public Sector - Help government organizations build/operate lean yet responsive supply chains
  • Risk Management - Undertaking a risk management program audit covering exposures, insurance policies, and any non-insurance techniques, and where appropriate, recommending
  • Strategic Communications - Advise companies on how to make their communications plan consistent with their business strategy
  • Supply Chain/Operations - Focuses on evaluating and improving internal procedures and strategies, as well as the workflow structure and division of labor in a company

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Management Consultant: Management consultants move from one organization to another to help the leadership of the organizations discover solutions to specific problems and implement changes to solve those problems. Consultants often work for a consulting company that hires them out to various organizations for defined lengths of time. Other consultants work on a freelance basis and find the work on their own. Each assignment may last from one week to one year. Consultants have great problem solving, business, and people skills to be successful. 

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