Artists create tangible works, aesthetic presentations, and diverse performances. They use a variety of means to creatively convey a range of messages. The means may include images, word, sounds, movements, or forms. As creators, artists have the luxury of being able to create new ways of working, developing a career, and making a living. Some find it daunting to navigate nontraditional career paths; others find it refreshing. Many people working in the arts are supporting the preparation and presentation of artwork by others. 

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Sample Job Titles

  • Artist Manager: Artist managers help artists navigate the business side of art. This might include reading a contract, explaining to an artist what constitutes "business as usual" in a transaction or organizing a show. Advising artists about these matters is a primary function of the artist manager; this kind of advice helps the artist avoid having misunderstandings with potential clients.
  • Museum Curator: Curators select and obtain items to be displayed in museums. These may include works of art, photographs, documents, coins, stamps and other historic items. Curators are responsible for negotiating the purchase of items or arranging the loan of collections. They must authenticate collection items and catalogue them as well. Museum curators also design the layout of exhibits, and oversee their installation. They are often responsible for public education programs as well, such as school trips, lectures and workshops. In addition, they may lead fundraising efforts for their museums by writing articles and publicity materials or attending civic meetings. 

Job Listing Sites

  • ArtJob - Subscription-based national job postings (performing/visual arts, museums, administration, etc.) of the Western States Arts Federation in Denver
  • artSource - An open source index of arts-related employment as well as information about internships, grants, competitions, resources, and more
  • New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) - Comprehensive New York-based site with many resources and job/internship postings
  • ArtSearchUS - New site including art jobs
  • Americans for the Arts - National nonprofit organization for advancing the arts through partnerships with arts organizations, government agencies, business leaders, and educators
  • idealist - Resource-rich website of all things in the nonprofit sector, including the arts
  • Arts Opportunities - Wide range of opportunities posted by Carnegie Mellon’s Center for Arts Management and Technology 
  • MEOjobs is an aggregate resource for career opportunities in media, communications and the arts.
  • Website for the Arts - List of professional associations posted by University of South Carolina
  • O*Net—Detailed descriptions of all industries, including art
  • TCG Communication Group - Resource for jobs in all aspects of theatre including arts management, summer internships and graduate school opportunities.
  • National Endowment for the Arts - Public agency supporting the arts


  • e-architect - Website for architects including job postings, salary information, and industry news

Arts Education

Arts Management

Culinary Arts


  • AIGA - Professional association for design
  • Communication Arts - Inspiration for designers, illustrators, photographers
  • Coroflot - Postings for designers in all fields
  • IDInterns - Design internships and entry-level job postings


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