Professional Pathway Program Sign Up

Welcome to the Professional Pathway Program (also known as P3)! Students who are in the beginning stage of career preparedness should take this training. Follow the instructions for each section below, including submitting the form below. You then will receive confirmation of completion and feedback from your career counselor.

1) Self-Assessment

Use the FOCUS 2 planning system to determine what you would like to study, what career paths you would like to consider and how you will reach your goals. Click on the instruction page below and complete the assessment, then answer questions #1-3 on the bottom of this page.

View the FOCUS 2 Instructions

2) LinkedIn Profile

Have you Googled yourself lately? In today’s job market, it is essential to have a LinkedIn profile. Build your online branding and start connecting with peers, alumni, industry professionals and academics when you start school.

  1. First read "Building a Great Student Profile in 10 steps" and "LinkedIn 101" before creating a profile on LinkedIn.
  2. Then complete your LinkedIn profile and request a connection with Kelly Ahn, the Director of Center for Career Development at Manhattan College.
  3. Lastly, copy and paste the URL to your LinkedIn profile on the bottom of this page (question #4).

3) Resume

Create your resume (see resume samples), then upload the document to JasperLink. Activate your JasperLink account with your JasperNet ID and password if you have not done so. After you have uploaded your resume, answer ‘yes’ to the last question on the bottom of this page and click the ‘submit’ button.

See a Tipsheet About How to Upload Your Resume

Go to JasperLink