How to Use the Focus 2 Career & Educational Planning Tool

Step 1

  • Go to Focus2 Website
  • New Users: You must use your email to create an account. Access Code: jaspers
  • Returning Users: If you forget your user name and password, go to the log in page to have it emailed to you.

Step 2

Complete ALL following sections:

  • Career Readiness: Academic Strengths/Career Planning Status/Personal Development Needs
  • Self-Assessment: Work Interest Assessment/ Skills Assessment/ Personality Assessment/ Values Assessment/ Combine The Results of Multiple Assessments
  • Explore the Possibilities: Search by Industry/ What can I do with a major in ...?

Step 3

Review your "Saved Careers" and "Saved Majors" and write down your three choices for questions #1-3 on the webform at the bottom of the Jasper Professional Basic page. *Note: Majors and Careers that you see on your report are recommendations and they do not mean that you need to pursue all of the options.

Things to Keep in Mind 

  • Use FOCUS 2 online on any PC or MAC computer or IPAD anywhere, anytime.
  • FOCUS 2 always saves your results.
  • Use FOCUS 2 as often as you wish.
  • You can change your mind about earlier choices, repeat a section and explore new options.
  • Your results are stored online and are always available to you and your career counselor / advisor.
  • Save the majors and occupations that appeal to you as you review them.