Finding Your Career

How do you decide what you want to be when you grow up? Developing a career is a process that involves much more than simply going on job interviews. Here are four steps to identify what you want to do and how to get a job in that field. 

1) Self-Assessment

  • Talk with a career advisor about the self-assessment process.
  • Identify your skills, interests and personality preferences and discuss them with your career advisor.
  • Identify possible occupations and career paths.
  • Determine your top 3 occupations or career fields.

2) Research Careers

  • Discuss your top 3 occupations or career fields with your academic advisor.
  • Talk with a career advisor about the best approach to researching your choices.
  • Read books, materials and websites about these choices including qualifications, job outlook, salary ranges, etc.
  • Attend networking events to talk with professionals in that career.
  • Define your first choice and alternative career areas.
  • Join the mentor program.

3) Gain Experience

  • Talk with a career advisor about gaining experience in your first-choice areas.
  • Join a club or organization related to your first choice and alternatives.
  • Find a related internship, part-time job or volunteer experience.
  • Consider an independent study on an issue of relevance to your field.
  • Continue career research.
  • Begin researching employers in your field and/or appropriate graduate programs.
  • Join the mentor program.
  • Learn how hiring is done in your field.

4) Market Yourself For Employment

  • Register with the recruiting coordinator.
  • Prepare a professional résumé.
  • Learn to interview effectively.
  • Gather employment and academic references.
  • Research companies in your field.
  • Prepare a target list of employers.
  • Attend on- and off-campus career events in order to network.
  • Participate in on- and off-campus interviewing.