Preparing for Business Expo 2013 

How to Research Companies

  1. Watch the “7 Tips for Researching Companies” Video on CareerSpots 
  2. Make a list of the companies that interest you - Companies Registered for Business Expo 2013
  3. Visit to research company reviews, interview questions, and salary information.
  4. Visit LinkedIn to see the company’s recent updates, employee profiles, job/internship opportunities
  5. Visit the company’s homepage and research the following:
  • Mission
  • History
  • Products/Services
  • Company Culture
  •  Current opportunities

Tips for working a career fair

  1. Review the Floor Plan and familiarize yourself with the layout of the event - Floor Plan
  2. Watch “Stand Out Resumes” video on CareerSpots
  3. Visit the Center for Career Development during walk-in hours for a quick resume review.
  4. Bring multiple copies of your resume in a portfolio. Remember, the bookstore sells resume paper at discounted a price.
  5. SuitUp!  Wear professional interview attire; which includes a business suit, collared shirt and tie (men) and dress or blouse and pants (ladies). Watch “Interview Dress For Women” and “Interview Dress For Men” on CareerSpots.
  6. Don’t forget to polish your shoes! Enter the Best Dressed competition.
  7. Take your professional headshot at the LinkedIn photo booth.
  8. Wear your name tag and don’t forget to include your school and major.
  9. Pick up a copy of the Business Expo Pocket guide at the entrance on the day of the fair.

How to Talk to Employers

  • Watch “Who Am I” and “Google Yourself” videos on Career Spots
  • Speak with a warm, confident tone in a clear voice. 
  • Keep your body language open and welcoming.
  • Highlights your skills, strengths, and activities demonstrating leadership and teamwork
  • Demonstrate that you’ve researched the company by including elements of their mission statement, history and/or company culture
  • Shake hands, make eye-contact and smile with employers
  • Ask ice breaker questions
  • Get recruiter’s contact information to follow up and send a thank you

Sample Personal Pitch

 “Hi, my name is Mary and I am a Junior in the School of Business majoring in Accounting.  I am seeking an internship this summer at your company.

I am involved in the Lasallian Outreach Volunteer Experience (L.O.V.E.) Program and the Accounting Society. I am hardworking and very curious to learn new things.  Last semester, I was on student council and two years ago I had a mentor who was an accountant who first got me interested in the industry.

I researched that your company is currently one of the industry leaders and has developed a new accounting software.  I’d love to learn more.”

Thank You Letter for a Career/Job Fair