School of Engineering Faculty Accomplishments

View the accomplishments of the School of Engineering faculty this summer.

Richard Carbonaro, Ph.D., associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, had a paper on the “Oxidation of CrIII to CrVI During Chlorination of Drinking Water” published in the Journal of Environmental Monitoring, issue 7. His photo was also selected as the cover artwork for the journal, and the cover is displayed below.

Manhattan College’s Environmental Engineering program hosted the second annual W. Wesley Eckenfelder Symposium on May 31, which was established in honor of William Wesley Eckenfelder ’46 (deceased), Ph.D., a Manhattan alumnus and pioneering environmental engineer. This year’s symposium paid tribute to Charles O’Melia ’55, Ph.D., who passed away in 2010, and was one of the world’s preeminent water treatment researchers and a former professor of engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Robert Thomann, Ph.D., former professor of civil and environmental engineering and National Academy of Engineering member, started the symposium with a discussion on “Environmental Fear: The Link to Christianity in the Environmental.” James K. Edzwald, Ph.D., professor emeritus of environmental engineering at the University of Massachusetts, also presented on “Seawater Pretreatment for Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water: Chemistry, Contaminants, Coagulation, Collectors.” John P. Lawler, Ph.D., adjunct professor of civil and environmental engineering and former chair of the board of trustees, finished up the event with a talk on “Reflections on a Wonderful Life.”