RCIA: The Student Perspective

Senior civil engineering major Kevin Dick reveals why he enrolled in Manhattan College's RCIA program and what he's enjoyed thus far.

Kevin Dick, a 22-year-old senior civil engineering major from Plymouth Meeting, Pa., is one of four students enrolled in this year’s Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program at Manhattan College. On the Sunday following Easter, he will be fully accepted into the Catholic Church by receiving the sacrament of confirmation. Hear what he has to say about the journey:

Q: What prompted you to join the RCIA program at Manhattan College?

A: I know that I’m probably going to get married in the Catholic Church, so I needed to get confirmed. And my girlfriend is religious, so I knew this would be important to her. I also just want to get back into going to church before I graduate from college. I went to Catholic school until fifth grade and then left, and kind of stopped going to church. Now that I’m an adult, I feel like I understand it more. I understand the importance of it. So I think it’s better that I got back into it now and relearned everything.

Q: What is a typical RCIA class like?

A: We started at the beginning of the school year, in October or November. I go every Wednesday at 9 a.m., and pretty much just talk to Father Hill about Catholicism. But it’s not like we just read the Bible, it’s more of a discussion of how Catholicism applies to life. We’ll talk about marriage as it applies to the church, and we’ll talk about my plans for marriage.

Q: How many students are in the group?

A: There are four people in the class, but they meet at a different time than me, so when I meet with Fr. Hill, it’s just him and me.

Q: What has your experience been like thus far? Have you enjoyed it?

A: Definitely, I think that it’s really beneficial. It’s nice to have Fr. Hill to talk to every week, whether it be about the material or something else. Developing the relationship with Fr. Hill has been great. He’s just a really down-to-earth guy who’s not going to judge you if you talk to him. You talk to him, and he then leads you in the right direction.

Q: What is your advice to someone who’s considering RCIA, but may be apprehensive?

A: There’s no real risk in doing it. And once you get back into it, once you realize it’s nice to have that sense of community in your life, you’ll be better off. Wherever my life goes after I graduate, I feel like even just the time I spent this semester going to church and RCIA has been beneficial.

For more information or to inquire about joining next year's RCIA program, contact Manhattan College Chaplain Fr. George Hill at (718) 862-7972 or george.hill@manhattan.edu.