College Launches New Co-Major in Business Analytics

School of Business now offers co-major for business undergraduate students.

This semester, Manhattan College’s School of Business has launched a new co-major in business analytics, which will provide undergraduate business students the opportunity to evaluate their current areas of study and learn to formalize the process of analyzing data.

According to a search by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, business intelligence (another term used for business analytics) skills are in great demand with a growth of seven percent to 13 percent a year between 2008 and 2018. In 2009, The New York Times also cited that IBM alone would hire or retain 4,000 more analysts for a newly created Business Analytics and Optimization Services Group.

“This program will help our students pursue careers in financial and health-care services, environmental and life sciences, retail and media, and other industries where analytical skills are in high demand,” said Mehmet Ulema, Ph.D., chair of the Accounting and Computer Information Systems department. “We believe that the business analytics co-major is a very worthwhile program for our students who want to use their analytical skills to help businesses make intelligent and timely decisions.”

To fulfill a co-major in business analytics, students must take four core courses that specialize in data management and processing, as well as an additional course within their major. The additional or “gateway” courses are classes that students must fulfill for both their majors and co-majors that serve to provide a field-specific glimpse into business analytics.

For more information about the business analytics co-major, visit or contact Mehmet Ulema by phone at (718) 862-7464 or email him at