Manhattan College Joins New York Campus Compact

Membership will further promote student service and civic engagement within the community.

Manhattan College has become the newest member of the New York Campus Compact (NYCC), an association that connects more than 80 colleges and universities from across New York State. Hosted by Cornell University, the NYCC is the largest regional branch of the national network, a coalition that strives to promote active citizenship as a focus of higher education. As a member of the NYCC, Manhattan College will receive valuable resources to further promote student service and civic engagement within the community, an important aspect of the mission of the College.   

“The College’s campus ministry and social action office has always encouraged service and community engagement on campus and provided faculty and other colleagues with any materials and community contacts we had,” said Lois Harr, director of campus ministry and social action at Manhattan College. “Campus Compact will help the College get to a new scale by providing an entire array of resources from research to program models, conferences to funding opportunities and more.” 
A few of the faculty benefits of NYCC membership include the availability of the latest research, publications, program models, and even funding opportunities for Manhattan College. The NYCC also puts strategic plans in motion in useful ways, including fostering relationships between student life, academic affairs and the local community. Its membership offers students the opportunity to gain real-world experience that augments academic learning and even generates thought about long-term civic and social solutions. 
“Campus Compact will assist the College in being an even greater asset to our neighbors in the Bronx and beyond,” added Harr.
“Manhattan’s association with Campus Compact is a logical next step for us as we look to increase our students’ experience with community service and civic engagement in our current strategic plan,” said Richard Satterlee, Ph.D., vice president for student life. “I am certain that faculty and student life professionals will benefit from this association as they seek to expand opportunities for student learning, inside and outside of the classroom.” 
Campus Compact serves more than 6 million students from across the United States and the coalition includes more than 1,100 national colleges and universities, from two-year to four-year public and private schools. NYCC member student volunteers provided an estimated $560 million worth of service to New York communities in 2010 with the aid of the NYCC.