Local Bronx Resident Strives For Success in The Classroom

First generation student Jennifer Baduy ’12 pursues a career as a Spanish teacher.

Jennifer Baduy

At a young age, Jennifer Baduy, a 2012 graduate from Manhattan College, learned just how important education was from her parents and family. The future Spanish teacher will become the first person in her family to graduate from college.

Born in the Bronx, Baduy spent much of her early years visiting her grandparents in Ecuador in the summers and speaking Spanish, her native language. 

“I always felt lucky traveling back and forth and having that Latin American culture and being in New York City at the same time,” Baduy said.

Baduy attended Monsignor Scanlan High School and upon graduation, decided to go to Manhattan College because of its small size. “Even though I am a commuter, I felt at home,” she said.

When she started at Manhattan, she dreamed of being a writer and interviewing people. After two years, she switched majors and decided her true calling was to become a teacher. Baduy is graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Spanish. She will formally receive her degree from Manhattan College in September.

“Over the years, she has gained confidence in her abilities and has become a very fine student,” said Marlene Gottlieb, Ph.D., chair of the department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Manhattan. “She will make an excellent Spanish teacher and will surely serve as a role model, and I am extremely proud of her, as is her family.”

“Every time I spoke to my mom about her, I would call Marlene my angel,” Baduy added. “She was the person who had the biggest faith in me, and because of her, I was able to never give up, to always keep moving forward and to look for the best in me.”

During her time at Manhattan, she was also very active in the sorority Alpha Upsilon Pi. She participated in breast cancer walks, and most recently, diabetes awareness week, with the sorority and sold bracelets to benefit a local hospital.

Baduy is still determining her post-graduation plans, which may include teaching in the New York City public school system. She is also considering traveling to Spain to advance her language skills and obtain a master’s degree.