Manhattan Math Grad Plans to Pursue Doctorate Degree

Hyesu Kim ’12 combined her passions for mathematics and music while at Manhattan College.

Hyesu Kim

Hyseu Kim came to the United States from Korea when she was 11. Now a Bronx resident, Kim graduated with numerous honors as she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Manhattan College on May 20. She credits the College and her professors with her academic success as she prepares to begin doctoral studies in mathematics at Syracuse University, her top choice for further study.

“I really loved the Math department of Manhattan College. It is a small community, but the professors and people are so nice and they are so inspiring,” she said. “They are the people that made me love mathematics.”

Kim speaks as passionately about mathematics as she does her minor in music. Observing that it is an unusual combination, she said that was one of the beauties of attending Manhattan — opportunities like combining mathematics and music were available. She is a member of several honor societies, including Pi Mu Epsilon for mathematics and Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest academic honor society.

Following her program at Syracuse, Kim plans on joining the academic ranks in mathematics. “I want to become a mathematics professor and teach higher level mathematics to people who love math as well,” she said. She has already served as a tutor in mathematics on and off campus.

On scholarship at the College, Kim has expressed her appreciation to the College for its support. “I understand the true purpose of the scholarship, which is to give young people the chance to aim for the success and their future, and to give a sense of support when they are facing difficulties.”

She added, “The Colette Dans Scholarship has given me strength and courage to reach out for my life goals.” The Colette Dans Memorial Scholarship was founded in 2004 by Peter Dans ’57 to provide tuition assistance to upper-level women pursuing a career in science or science education.

“Hyesu is a warm and encouraging person who hopes to share her love of mathematics with her future students when she becomes a college professor,” said Kathryn Weld, Ph.D., professor of mathematics. “As a member of the Mathematics Honor Society, Hyesu was a volunteer peer tutor. She was also selected to attend the George Washington Summer program for women in mathematics as a junior and her experiences there encouraged her to become the first member of her family to attend graduate school and to aspire to become a professor.”