Faculty, Staff and Student Accomplishments

Read all of April's faculty, staff and student accomplishments

School of Arts

Faculty Accomplishments

Pamela Chasek, Ph.D., professor of government and director of the international studies program, recently co-edited The Roads from Rio: Lessons Learned from Twenty Years of Multilateral Environmental Negotiations, a new book that reviews the accomplishments and shortcomings of sustainable development since the first Rio Earth Summit. In addition to her position at Manhattan, Chasek serves as the co-founder and executive editor of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, a United Nations reporting service.
She published the article “Incorporating Regional Priorities into Global Conferences: A Review of the Regional Preparatory Committee Meetings for Rio+20” in the Review of European Community and International Environmental Law this month.
In March, Chasek also published “Rethinking the Law and Policy of Protected Areas in a Warming World: Evolving Approaches of American Conservation Organizations” in the Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy.
Last month, Mehnaz Afridi, Ph.D., director of Manhattan College’s Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center and assistant professor of religious studies, recorded a podcast for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s audio series Voices on Antisemitism. She also participated in a commemoratory Yom HaShoah conversation with Mark Weizman, director of government affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, on April 22 at the Riverdale Y.
Lois Harr, director of campus ministry and social action and adjunct instructor of religious studies, presented on Manhattan College’s fair trade status at the New York City Green Festival on April 22 at the Javits Center.
George B. Kirsch, Ph.D., professor of history, discussed A History of Bronx Baseball at the Bronx Museum of the Arts’ exhibition on Baseball in the Bronx on April 19. The College also loaned the museum a few materials pertaining to Manhattan’s baseball history. The exhibition runs from April 13-May 13.
Earlier this month, Kirsch delivered a talk on Race Relations and the Desegregation of the Elementary Schools, Board of Education and City Council in Hackensack, N.J., 1955-67, at the Johnson Public Library in Hackensack on April 12.
Daniel Savoy, Ph.D., assistant professor of fine arts, will have two publications published in June. His book Venice from the Water: Architecture and Myth in an Early Modern City will be published by Yale University Press, and the article “Palladio and the Water-oriented Scenography of Venice” will also debut in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians.

Student Accomplishments

From April 3-7, 18 students participated in the 2012 National Model United Nations conference in New York City. The students represented the Syrian Arab Republic in a global simulation and walked away with an honorable mention award. With the difficult political situation in Syria, the students had to set aside their personal beliefs and work together to stand up for the country. Throughout the conference, they gained more knowledge of the UN’s procedures and new skills in diplomacy and compromise.
The 18 students included: Matthew Claro, a junior majoring in government and economics; Dhwani Dalal, a junior majoring in international studies; Eseosa Eke, a senior majoring in international studies and minoring in religious studies; Brenda Garcia, a senior majoring in international studies and Spanish; Alexander Guido, a sophomore majoring in international studies; Evelyn Infante, a freshman majoring in international studies; David Kenny, a senior majoring in English; Alex Klein, a senior majoring in government and history; Linda Latifaj, a sophomore majoring in peace studies and minoring in psychology; Juliet Martinez, a sophomore majoring in peace studies and communication; Caleb Merrill, a senior majoring in government and international studies and minoring in philosophy; Allyson Oliveras, a senior majoring in international studies; Stephanie Pietras, a sophomore majoring in international studies and minoring in business; Kevin Rheinheimer, a senior majoring in government and minoring in business; Sthelyn Romero, a senior majoring in government and minoring in sociology; Valbona Sokoli, a senior majoring in international studies and minoring in religious studies; Ethan Van Ness, a junior majoring in government and religious studies; and Chelsea White, a sophomore majoring in international studies and minoring in environmental studies.
Hilary Krombel ’12, a fair trade intern and a senior majoring in psychology, spoke at the second annual Siena College Fair Trade Colleges and Universities Conference on April 13.

School of Business

Faculty Accomplishment

Gwendolyn A. Tedeschi, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics, spoke at the second annual Siena College Fair Trade Colleges and Universities Conference on April 13.

Student Accomplishments

As part of the inaugural Charles J. Gargano Lecture Series, Aneel G. Karnani, Ph.D., associate professor of corporate strategy and international business at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, visited the College on April 19. Karnani is the author ofFighting Poverty Together: Rethinking Strategies for Business, Governments, and Civil Society to Reduce Poverty, and discussed aspects of his book at the event.
Natalia Boliari, Ph.D., visiting professor of economics, integrated an assignment from her Economics of Public Issues course with the April 19 event and Karnani’s book. Three students from her class wrote analytic reviews on specific chapters of the book and participated in the question and answer portion of the event. The students and reviews included Amanda Ferrarotto ’12 (communication and economics) and Romanticizing the Poor; Christina Costas ’12 (finance and economics) and Civil Society; and Nicholas Miras ’12 (economics and global business studies) and Microcredit Misses Its Mark.

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Faculty Accomplishments

Kathy Bishop, adjunct professor in the school of continuing and professional studies and adjunct assistant professor of humanities at New York University, was named to The Princeton Review’s book The Best 300 Professors in early April.

School of Engineering

Faculty Accomplishments

Kirk Barrett, Ph.D., assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, transferred a $200,000 two-year grant from the National Science Foundation to Manhattan College.  The project seeks to increase the number of Hispanics and African Americans pursuing degrees and careers in geo-environmental science and engineering.  Students and teachers from four high schools in northeastern New Jersey will participate in geo-environmental field trips and a water quality-monitoring program, and Manhattan  students will tutor the high school students in math and science.
Gennaro J. Maffia, Ph.D., professor of chemical engineering, was invited to speak on the Manhattan College research of collagen and the recent work to use a green fracking fluid at the USDA’s American Leather Chemists Association 2012 meeting on April 24.
Robert Sharp, Ph.D., P.E., professor of civil and environmental engineering and Donald J. O’Connor Endowed Faculty Fellow, received $70,000 in additional funding for continued participation in the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s Applied Nitrogen Research Program. The research focuses on the development and testing of technologies and processes to optimize nitrogen removal from wastewater and improve water quality on the Long Island Sound and Jamaica Bay.  
He also co-authored A Theoretical and Practical Evaluation of Struvite Control and Recovery, which was presented at the Water Environment Federation’s 26th annual Residual and Biosolids Conference on March 26 in Raleigh, N.C. The paper was co-authored by former graduate research assistant David Wankmuller, who graduated in 2011 with an M.S. in environmental engineering.
On May 14, Sharp will also present Testing of Commercial Defoamant to Control Anaerobic Digester Foaming at the Central States Water Environment Association’s 85th annual conference in Chicago. The paper was co-authored by former graduate research assistant Vera Gouchev, who graduated in 2010 with an M.E. in environmental engineering. 

Student Accomplishments

Electrical engineering seniors Joseph Argento, Alexander Stein and Abraham Asfaw recently won the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) Micromouse Region 1 Competition in Hartford, Conn., on March 10-11. The group, which beat four other teams including Syracuse University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, was advised by Peter Boothe, Ph.D., assistant professor of computer science at Manhattan College. Nevzat Ozturk, Ph.D., associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Manhattan College, guided the students through the testing phase of the competition.

Staff Accomplishments

Marjorie Apel, director of the center for career development, was installed as Hastings-on-Hudson Village Trustee on April 3 for a two-year term. Having held this position for six years in the past, Apel is returning to office to work on comprehensive planning, zoning and waterfront cleanup and development.