Faculty, Staff and Student Accomplishments

Read all of March's faculty, staff and student accomplishments.

School of Engineering

Faculty Accomplishments

Thomas Twardowski, Ph.D., visiting associate professor of chemical engineering, was named volunteer of the month at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, for organizing the Plastic Chemistry Fair and his commitment to The Institute.

Walter Matystik, J.D., associate provost and adjunct engineering instructor, was reappointed to the Westchester County Board of Ethics, and remains a member of the Board of Directors of the Academic Federal Credit Union.

Student Accomplishments

Charity Njau ’12 and Ramiro Magboo ’12, graduate chemical engineering students, presented another option to make hydrofracking more environmentally friendly based on their research Collagen-Based Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Research, at the International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management last week. Read more

Last month, Olivia Derderian, a graduate student focusing on environmental engineering, was awarded the best paper at the university forum at the 84th Annual New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) winter meeting. Her presentation Degradation of Water Quality of the Saw Mill River Due to Urban Runoff is part of a four-year water quality monitoring project under the direction of faculty adviser Richard Carbonaro, Ph.D., associate professor of civil and environmental engineering.