Press Release Archive 2014

Dominick Servedio and Carolyn Woo will speak at two spring commencement ceremonies and receive honorary degrees.
Dominick Servedio, executive chairman of STV Group, will also receive honorary doctorate degree during May 17 ceremony.
View all the recent accomplishments and accolades of Manhattan College’s administrators, faculty and students.
Panel discussion followed by tour of rooftop garden on April 22.
College will present Carolyn Woo with honorary doctorate during ceremony.
An internship took Shannon Butler ’16 all the way to NYC Fashion Week.
Getanjali “Gigi” Morel ’14 major finds foreign markets for industry magnate.
Jorge L. Valle Sanchez ’14 finds footing in the entertainment industry.
Graham Rose ’14 tests decision-making skills in the real world.
Robert Bacchioni ’14 gets an insider’s look at NYC’s professional league sports.


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