Press Release Archive 2013

Event marks College’s one-year anniversary as Fair Trade College.
The program features a master’s and professional diploma in Advanced Leadership Studies.
College’s top fundraising event honors host of CBS’ The Talk and Big Brother.
The College’s Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center selected to receive the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf.
As caretaker of the iconic George Washington Bridge, Andrea Giorgi Bocker ’80 serves as a role model to women entering the civil engineering field.
In recent years, Manhattan College's commitment to sustainability has grown to include new courses on environmental justice, extracurriculars that allow students to take part in the green movement, and a new research center on campus. It's safe to say that Jaspers enjoy being green!
Gardens on the rooftop of the parking garage and next to the residence halls produce food for campus cafeterias and provide hands on learning experiences for students.
The Green Club has taken on gardening, composting and planting projects, while JustPeace has worked to bring fair trade products to campus and provide education about environmental issues that impact human rights.
Manhattan College recently opened a new Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES), which will focus on a wide range of issues and initiatives related to sustainability.
From encouraging recycling to reducing emissions, Manhattan College is making sustainability a priority in all facets of campus life.


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