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The Lasallian Volunteer program gives graduates a unique opportunity to serve in communities across the globe where they carry out the Lasallian mission of improving lives through education.
Alberto Guerrero's ’03 experience as a Lasallian Volunteer inspired him to become a social worker. He now works at the Osborne Association, a program that seeks alternatives to incarceration.
Catherine Calogero ’10 initially came to MC to become a doctor. But her passion for serving others led her into the Lasallian Volunteers program. She's now a part of the New York City Teaching Fellows program and hopes to teach science to underserved students.
Kiera Maguire ’08 thought she would pursue broadcast journalism, but after two years serving as a Lasallian Volunteer she realized that teaching was her passion. She's still teaching while also working towards her master's degree in education.
Paul Avvento ’07 served as a Lasallian Volunteer for two years. He's now a teacher and the director of student activities at De Marillac Academy, while also pursuing his master's through the Lasallian Fellowship Program.
Kathleen Bulson ’09 has always enjoyed volunteering and helping others. Her experience as a Lasallian Volunteer taught her independence and set her on a career path in service work.
Christina Caughey ’09 served as a founding Lasallian Volunteer in New Orleans. The experience changed her life for the better and helped her decide on what path to pursue in the future.
The Lasallian Volunteers program gave Robert Vitelli ’97 the experience he needed to get into community organizing. He now serves as COO of Long Island GLBT Services Network where he's been helping youth for the past 11 years.
Chenelle Bruce ’02 wanted to take a year off before attending grad school. But 10 years later, after a rewarding experience as a Lasallian Volunteer, she's still teaching and can't imagine a better career.
An unforgettable two-week trip to Israel and Palestine provided a group of education majors with a look at schooling and culture halfway around the world.


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