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In honor of Judith Plaskow, Ph.D., professor emeritus of religious studies and a revolutionary scholar, Manhattan College is introducing the Judith Plaskow Lecture on Women and Religion on Wednesday, April 25 at 4 p.m.
The Manhattan College fine arts department recently added a theater minor to its program, in addition to its existing undergraduate major in art history and minors in art history, digital media art and music.
Three Manhattan College senior electrical engineering students recently won the IEEE Micromouse Region 1 Competition, under the guidance of computer science professor.
The College was admitted to the 2012 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for its ongoing dedication to serving others locally in New York City and globally.
Kevin Nadal, Ph.D., a leading researcher in understanding the impacts of microaggressions and discrimination on the mental and physical health of people from marginalized groups, will speak at Manhattan College on Tuesday, April 3 at 12 p.m. in Smith Auditorium.
Physical Education Professor Shawn Ladda completes term as president of National Association for Girls and Women in Sport.
Key ideas from Kirsch's "Six Guys From Hackensack" integrated into the classroom.
Read all of March's faculty, staff and student accomplishments
Read all of March's faculty, staff and student accomplishments.
Read all of March's faculty, staff and student accomplishments.


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