Compliance Officer / Chemistry Staff Technician

Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY, seeks to fill a position of compliance officer/chemistry staff technician beginning August 1, 2014. In addition, the position includes adjunct teaching of intermediate (organic) and perhaps advanced (physical, analytical) chemistry laboratories.

The compliance office duties include:

  • Ensure that any chemical waste generated on campus is handled and stored in a manner specified by state and federal regulations. Conduct monthly inspections of all area on the campus where waste is stored to ensure compliance.
  • Maintain all documentation relating to the storage and disposal of hazardous waste on campus. Schedule and oversee the disposal of wastes by an outside chemical waste disposal firm.
  • Submit annual reports to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Oversee any inspections or audits by the DEC, DEP and EPA.
  • Ensure all employees are given adequate training for handling waste.
  • Coordinate with the department all laboratory safety issues.
  • Oversee the safekeeping and disposal of radioactive isotopes used in science laboratories.

The chemistry staff technician duties include:

  • Prepare reagents for intermediate (organic) and advance (physical, analytical) chemistry laboratories in the Chemistry and Biochemistry departments.
  • Distribute equipment and chemicals to students prior to the beginning of class.
  • Order chemicals and glassware as needed. Maintain laboratory equipment as required.
  • Maintain clean and safe chemical laboratories and the organic chemistry stockroom in compliance with safety regulations.
  • Serve as the liaison between with curriculum faculty and adjunct faculty.


A bachelor’s degree in chemistry is required, but a higher degree in chemistry with an emphasis in organic chemistry or a closely related field is also preferred. Experience with federal and state regulations related to controlled substances and hazardous waste material generation and disposal would be desired.

Please submit a resume describing previous experience and three people willing to serve as professional references to