Frequently Asked Questions

When will the student commons open?

The student commons building opened July 2014.

How will the student commons affect the usage of existing buildings on campus?

All of the buildings currently on campus will remain in tact as they are. Some offices and programs that are currently housed in Thomas Hall, Smith Auditorium and Miguel Hall have moved over to the student commons, which will provide some much-needed space for enhanced student life programming and student collaboration.

Why is the building being named after Ray Kelly ’63?

Ray Kelly ’63 is the former commissioner of the New York City Police Department, having held the position from 1992 to 1994 and 2002 to 2013. Kelly spent most of his career in the NYPD, serving in 25 different commands. In fact, he is the only person to date to hold every rank in the NYPD.

Through his leadership and personal integrity — exemplified by a long and distinguished record of public service — Kelly embodies all of the core values of a Lasallian education. He stands as an inspiration to past, present and future Manhattan College students.

What facilities in the student commons will be open to local residents?

The Starbucks and bookstore located on the first floor of the student commons are open to local residents. Additionally, some of the lectures and programs hosted in the building will be open to the public. Announcements about public programs will be listed on and possibly in the local Riverdale newspapers.