The Windows at Manhattan College

Bringing the windows to the Chapel on campus

The Life and Work of Saint John Baptist de La Salle stained glass windows will be installed in the Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers, the centerpiece of the Manhattan College campus. The collection will replace the existing windows that line the aisles of the Chapel, and will be a virtual narrative recounting the life of the founder. Their beauty will bring exterior light and reflected color into the interior walls.

Below is a rendering of what the windows will look like once installed in the Chapel. 

The windows will guide viewers as they move through the Chapel to visualize moments in the Saint’s life — from his childhood in Reims, to the vow he took with his Brothers, to his death in Rouen and his glorification in heaven, where he is welcomed by Christ and acknowledged as a great teacher by Saint Ignatius Loyola.

Properly preserved on the Manhattan College campus, the windows will carry the Lasallian spirit forward to future generations.