Veronique Lankar

Veronique Lankar

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department : Physics

Email :

Phone : 718-862-7897

Office : HAY 307


PHD, Universite Pierre/Marie Curie
MS, Bowling Green State University
BS, Universite Denis Diderot



Founder and coordinator of the outreach program

partially supported by a NSF grant (PHY-1402964)

Development of curriculum and labs for my classes.


Publications & Professional Activities

Physics Labs I (ISBN: 978-0-9896278-2-5)

© Novalink International LLC – September 2014

Lab book developed for the outreach program


Electronics labs for beginners (ISBN: 978-0-9896278-0-1)

To get started with electronics

© Novalink International LLC – 2013

Lab book developed for the outreach program


Are We There Yet ? A Journey Through Our Solar System

Student Explorations in Mathematics – May 2013

NCTM publication


3 Workbooks: Basic Mathematics

developed for Katharine Gibbs, NY - 2006

Review of Basic Math for adults going back to college.

The workbook was used to prepare

the students to the accuplacer tests.

Courses Taught/Teaching

PHYS 105 Principles of (Algebra based) Physics I

PHYS 195 Labs for 105

PHYS 106 Principles of (Algebra based) Physics II

PHYS 196 Labs for 106

SCI 201 Introduction Astronomy

SCI 230 Great Ideas in Physics

PHYS 101 (calculus based ) Physics I

PHYS 102 (calculus based ) Physics II