Suzanne Barnett

Suzanne Barnett

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department : English

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Phone : 718-862-7419

Office : MGL 401


PHD, University of Pennsylvania
BA, CUNY Hunter College


My primary areas of research lie in the British Romantic era and include figures like Percy and Mary Shelley, Jane Austen, Lord Byron, and William Blake, among many others. My first book, Romantic Paganism: The Politics of Ecstasy in the Shelley Circle examines how the second-generation Romantics utilize the classical world as a site for and meditation on radical politics and sexuality. My second book project (currently under construction) considers the role of this pagan impulse in Romantic women writers specifically, including Mary Tighe, Mary Robinson, Mary Shelley, and Germaine de Staël, and reflects on how identity is constructed by discourses of celebratory and affective promiscuity. I have published articles on Percy Shelley, Thomas Love Peacock, Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin, and William Benbow.

A fan of collaboration, I am co-editing a collection entitled Romantic Women Writers: Materialities, Bodies, Affect with Kate Singer and Ashley Cross and, with Katherine Gustafson, am editing a Romantic Circles edition of William Godwin’s ten pseudonymous books for children. I am also one of three associate editors of Romantic Circles Reviews & Receptions and the editor of that site’s “Romanticism and Popular Culture” section. 

Some of my other research and teaching interests include Victorian literature and culture, 18th- and 19th-century women writers, mythology and folklore in literature, 18th- and 19th-century political radicalism, and the history of children’s literature. 

Professional Experience

Associate Editor, Romantic Circles Reviews & Receptions

Publications & Professional Activities


Epipsychidion as a Posthumous Fragment.”  Forthcoming in Keats-Shelley Journal in 2016.

“Plundering Graves for Firewood: William Benbow’s Crimes of the Clergy and the Specter of the Evil Priest” in Grave Notes. Forthcoming 2016.

“’The great God Pan is alive again’: Thomas Love Peacock and Percy Shelley in Marlow.” Essays in Romanticism, Volume 21, Number 1, 2014.

“’Harmonies divine, yet ever new’: Shelleyan Music and the Poetry of Desire in Prometheus Unbound.” Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net #65-66 (March 2015).

“Generic Mutability and the Pedagogy of Realism in Mary Wollstonecraft’s Original Stories and Charlotte Smith’s The Romance of Real Life.” Romantic Circles Pedagogies Commons.  <>. (forthcoming 2015)



The Radical Aesop: William Godwin and the Juvenile Library, 1805-1825. Romantic Circles. <>. An edited digital edition co-authored and co-edited with Katherine Bennett Gustafson.

Romantic Education: Romantic Pedagogies and New Approaches to Teaching Romanticism for Romantic Circles Pedagogies Commons. <>. A digital edition co-authored and co-edited with Katherine Bennett Gustafson.



Michael Page, The Literary Imagination from Erasmus Darwin to H. G. Wells: Science, Evolution, and Ecology (Ashgate 2012) for Nineteenth-Century Contexts, Volume 36, Issue 3, 2014.

Jonathan Sachs, Romantic Antiquity: Rome in the British Imagination, 1789-1832. Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net, number 59-60, 2011.

 “Staged Reading of Prometheus Unbound the First Since 1998,” a review of Revelation Reading’s performance of Prometheus Unbound for the Keats-Shelley Association of America.

Papers Presented

“Embodied Infidelity: Eliza Sharples and the Groundswell Feminists of Early Nineteenth-Century England,” Manhattan College Women and Gender Studies brown bag lunch lecture series, October 2015. 

“’The Goddess of Reason’: Eliza Sharples’s Embodied Infidelity” at Transgressive Romanticism, the International Conference on Romanticism, Park City, Utah. October 2015.

“Dust and Shadows: Negative Capability in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials” at Romanticism & Rights, the 23rd annual conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism, Winnipeg, Manitoba. August 2015.

“Undead Shelley” at Romantic Reflections: Twins, Echoes, and Appropriations, the International Conference on Romanticism at University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis. September 2014.

“’The Masque of Anarchy’ in a Global Context” at Romantic Connections, North American Society for the Study of Romanticism, Tokyo, June 2014.

“Please sir, I am raising the Devil”: Science and Paganism in the Shelley Circle” at Romantic Movements, the 21st annual conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. August 2013.  

 “Jane Austen in Popular Culture.” Student-nominated guest speaker, Rodin_24 lecture series, University of Pennsylvania. March 2013.

“Romantic Paganism in the Shelley Circle” at the first annual Keats-Shelley Symposium, Keats-Shelley Association of America. 2011.

Invited respondent, The Wise Child in Literature and Psychoanalysis conference. Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. 2010. 

“Generic Mutability and the Pedagogy of Realism in Mary Wollstonecraft’s Original Stories and Charlotte Smith’s The Romance of Real Life” at the 18th annual conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. 2010.

“Cheap Bread and No King’: The Bread Crisis of 1795, the St. James Park Riot, and the Spectre of Revolution” at Romantic Objects, the International Conference on Romanticism. 2007.

“William Godwin in the Nursery” at Deviance and Defiance, the 13th annual conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. 2005.


Honors & Awards

  • Huntington Library Fellow, 2014-2015
  • NEH summer scholar, “Reassessing British Romanticism,” University of Nebraska, Lincoln, June-July 2013.
  • Andrew W. Mellon Graduate Education Fellowship (University of Pennsylvania), 2008-2009.
  • Jacob K. Javits Fellowship, 2004-2008.
  • Beinecke Scholarship, 2003.

Courses Taught/Teaching

English 110: College Writing

English 248: Masterworks of British Literature: The Nature of British Literature

English 365: Children's Literature

English 292: Literature and the Environment: Gods & Monsters

English 399: Independent Study: Young Adult Literature

LLRN 102: Classical Origins of Western Culture