Quentin Machingo

Quentin Machingo

Assistant Professor

Department : Biology

Email : quentin.machingo@manhattan.edu

Phone : 718-862-3844

Office : LEO 414A


PHD, Emory University
BA, Ithaca College


I am interested in the regulation of vertebrate development.  Using zebrafish as a model system, my lab manipulates the expression of various genes, and then characterizes the developmental defects.  Of particular interest are how complex carbohydrates regulate early morphogenic events.


Possible Student Projects:

  • Requirement of st8sialyltransferases for the migration of cranial nerves in zebrafish
  • Function of st3sialyltransferases during regulation of circadian rhythms in zebrafish
  • Functional redundancy between sialyltransferase family members during zebrafish embryonic development

Courses Taught/Teaching

BIOL 103      Introduction to Biology
BIOL 217      Genetics
BIOL 222      Biology for Engineers
BIOL 321      Molecular Cell Biology
BIOL 404      Biology Colloquium (We)
BIOL 405      Neurobiology
SCI 241      Fundamentals of Life Science

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