Poonam Arora, PHD

Poonam Arora, PHD

Assistant Professor

Department : Management / Marketing

Email : poonam.arora@manhattan.edu

Phone : 718-862-3862

Office : DLS 505


PHD, Columbia University
MBA, Northwestern University Illino
BBA, John Cabot Univ:Rome

Publications & Professional Activities

  • Arora, P., Peterson, N., Krantz D.H., Harsity, D.J., Reddy, K., (2012). “To Cooperate or Not to Cooperate: Using New Methodologies and Frameworks to Understand How Affiliation Influences Cooperation in the Present and Future”, Journal of Economic Psychology, 33(4), 842-853, doi: 10.1016/j.joep.2012.02.006
  • Appelt, K. C., Zou, X., Arora, P., & Higgins, E. T. (2009). “Regulatory fit in negotiation: Effects of "prevention-buyer" and "promotion-seller" fit”. Social Cognition, 27(3), 365-384
  • Krantz, D., Peterson, N., Arora, P., Milch, K., Orlove, B. (2008) “Individual Values and Social Goals in Environmental Decision Making,” Decision Modeling and Behavior in Uncertain and Complex Environments, Eds. Kugler, T. Smith, J.C., Connolly, T., Son, Y. J., Springer Press.
  • Alamgir, M., and Arora, P., (1991) Providing Food Security for All, New York University Press, NY.

Other Intellectual Contributions:

  • Arora, P., Krantz, D.H., Higgins, E.T., "Role Effects in Coordination: Collaborators and Comeptitors Choose Different Focal Points and Vary in Outcomes Obtained in Coordination", International Association for Conflict Management Conference, South Africa, July 2012

    Arora, P., Logg, J., Larrick, R., “I'll Let You Walk All Over Me If It Makes Me Look Good: Role of Group and Beneficiary Identity in Conforming to Expected Behavior”, SJDM Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, November, 2011

    Arora, P., Logg, J., Larrick, R., “Over-compensate For You or Disengage From You: Group Identity and Dissonance Interact to Determine Choices in Social Dilemmas”, International Conference for Social Dilemmas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 2011

  • Arora, P, Appelt, K., Higgins, E.T., Role of Status in Strategic Choices and Outcomes in Negotiations, International Association for Conflict Management Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, June 2010
  • Arora, P., Krantz, D.H., Higgins, E. T., “Minimal Status Effect on Strategic Coordination”, Society of Judgment and Decision Making, Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, Nov. 2009.
  • Arora, P., Krantz, D.H., Higgins, E. T., “Status as a Strategic Guide to Coordination: The Minimal Status Effect”, International Conference for Social Dilemmas, Kyoto, Japan, Aug. 2009
  • Arora, P., Krantz, D., “Social Influences on Economic Decisions in Commons Dilemmas”, Invited Speaker, Institute for Entrepreneurship, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, January, 2008.
  • Arora, P., “Using Behavioral Decision Making as a Tool for Environmental Policy”, Invited Speaker, NY State Agency NYSERDA, Albany, NY, December 2007.
  • Arora, P., Hardisty, D., Reddy, K., Krantz, D.H., “Tradeoffs between Social and Economic Goals in Social Dilemmas”, SJDM Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA, November, 2007.
  • Arora, P., Hardisty, D., Krantz, D.H., “Intrinsic Value of Cooperation: When a Social Dilemma is not a Dilemma”, International Conference for Social Dilemmas, Seattle, WA, July 2007.

Honors & Awards

Gabriel Hauge Faculty Fellowship

National Science Foundation Research Fellowship

Courses Taught/Teaching

MBAC 622      Leadership and Organizational Behavior (Fall Only)
MBAE 602      Research
MGMT 201      Introduction to Management
MGMT 406      Strategic Management (Spring Only)
MGMT 470      Management Independent Study