Hany Guirguis, PHD

Hany Guirguis, PHD


Department : Economics - Finance

Email : hany.guirguis@manhattan.edu

Phone : 718-862-3855

Office : DLS 409


PHD, University of Oregon
MA, American Univ Cairo
MBA, CUNY Baruch College
MS, University of Oregon


Econometrics, Financial Modeling, Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics, and Real Estate Finance

Publications & Professional Activities

  • “Leveraged, Inverse and Traditional ETFs: The Impact on Real Estate Stock Price Volatility”, with Richard J. Curcio,  Randy I. Anderson, and Vaneesha Boney, Applied Financial Economics, 2012, 22: 709-722.
  •  “Timing the value style index in a Markov regime-switching model”, with Ted Theodore and Michael Suen, Journal of Investment Management, 2012, 10: 52-64.
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  • “Price and Volatility Spillovers between Large and Small Cities: A Study of the Spanish Market”, with Christos Giannikos, and Laura Gracia , Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, 2007, 13: 311-316.
  • “Asset Pricing in Spanish Housing Market,” with Christos Giannikos, and Laura Gracia, Journal of Housing Research, 2007, 16: 83-95.
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  • “Asymmetry in Regional Real House Prices,” with Richard Vogal, Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, 2006, 12: 293-298.
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  • “An Analysis of the Equity Risk Premium,” with Rakesh Bali, The Journal of Asset Management, 2004, 4: 348-360.        
  • “The Living Wage and the Effects of Real Minimum Wages on Part-Time and Teen
  • Employment,” with Faraj Abdulahad, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 2003, 15:  1-9.
  • “Is Volatility of Equity Markets a Volume Story? A Non-Parametric Analysis,” with Christos I. Giannikos and Deniz Ozenbas, International Journal of Business and  Economics, 2003, 2: 49-55.
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  • “Properly Estimating the Liquidity Effect: Why Accounting for Stationarity and Outliers is Important,” Journal of Economics and Business, 1999, 51: 303-314.
  • “On the Impact of Fixed Supply: The Case of the New York City Taxicab Industry,” with Edward Rogoff, Journal of Transportation, Logistics, and Policy, 1998, 65: 370-386.
  • “Longitudinal Study of the New Firms In the Health Care Industry,” Academy of Economics and Finance, 2002: 30-35 Refereed Proceeding, The proceedings are published by the Academy of Economics and Finance.
  • “Legalized Price-Fixing: How a Government Program to Lower Drug Does the Opposite,” with Edward Rogoff, Forbes, December 9, 2002, 48


Professional Memberships

Editorial Board: The Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Mangement


  • National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, Research Grant, 2010.
  • NAIOP, Commercial Real Estate Development Association, Research Grant, 2010.
  • Manhattan College, Summer Research Grant, 2006.
  • Center for Energy, Economics and Environment Policy, 2004.
  • Manhattan College, Summer Research Grant, 2003.
  • SUNY Farmingdale, Summer Research Grant, 2001.
  • Hemophilia Association of New York, Grant, 2000.
  • Ford Foundation Grant for Graduate Study in Economics, 1998.

Courses Taught/Teaching

CIS 227      Business Statistics
ECON 433      Econometrics
ECON 441      Economics Seminar
ECON 444      Special Topic: in Economics
ECON 470      Economics Tutorial/Independent Study
FIN 301      Principles of Business Finance I
FIN 420      Corporate Structure and Financing
FIN 441      Finance Seminar
FIN 442      Financial Modeling
MBAC 614      Managerial Economics
MBAC 616      Stock Market & Corp Valuation
MBAE 602      Research