Grishma Shah, PHD

Grishma Shah, PHD

Assistant Professor

Department : Management / Marketing

Email :

Phone : 718-862-7461

Office : DLS 509


PHD, Rutgers University
MA, Rutgers University
BA, Rutgers University


Broadly, my research interests include economic globalization, cultural change, emerging economies, business/knowledge process outsourcing, cross-cultural management and international human resource management. Specifically, I am fascinated with the interaction of international business and culture and its implications for the firm, individual and society.

Publications & Professional Activities

Refereed Journal Articles


Pore, A., Shah, G., Sterrett, J., (2012), “Do Managerial Motives Influence the Mode of Offshoring...?”  Journal of Interdisciplinary Business Studies V1 2012


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Shah, Grishma, (2006) “The New IT Culture of Bangalore,” International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp.131-136


Other Intellectual Contributions


Pore, Anand, Shah Grishma and Sterrett, Jack, “The Effects of Managerial Motives on Mode of Offshoring?.” Academy of International Business, Washington DC, June 2012


Judiesch, Michael and Shah, Grishma, "Globalization, Collectivist Values and Gender:

Understanding Career Aspirations in India," Careers across Cultures: International Experiences and Attitudes Symposium, Society of Industrial & Organization Psychology Conference, San Diego, April 2012


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Relations Symposium, Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, New York, NY, March 2007.


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Shah, Grishma, “Business Process Outsourcing: Current Trends and Future Implications: A Case Study of India”, Academy of International Business, Beijing, China, June 2006.


Courses Taught/Teaching

MBAC 605     Going Global:BN In Bric Econ
MBAE 606     Doing Business: Study Trip
MGMT 309    Management of International Business
MGMT 405    Going Global: Business in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) Economy
MGMT 430    Business, Government, and Society