Cory Blad

Cory Blad

Associate Professor

Department : Sociology

Email :

Phone : 718-862-3868

Office : DLS 442


PHD, U. of Tennessee: Knoxville
MA, Northeastern University
BA, University of New Hampshire


  • Global Political Economy
  • State Theory
  • Nationalism and Culture
  • Social Movements

Publications & Professional Activities



Cory Blad. Neoliberalism and National Culture: State-Building and Legitimacy in Canada and Québec. Leiden: Brill Publishers.

Book Chapters


Cory Blad. “The Nation-State: History, Theory, and Contemporary Challenges.” In Globalisation and Security, edited by Ronaldo Munck and Honor Fagan. Westport, CT: Praeger International.


Jon Shefner, George Pasdirtz, and Cory Blad. “Austerity Protests and Immiserating Growth in Mexico and Argentina.”  In Latin American Social Movements: Globalization, Democratization, and Transnational Networks, edited by Hank Johnston and Paul Almeida. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Journal Articles


Cory Blad and Banu Koçer. “Political Islam and State Legitimacy in Turkey: The Role of National Culture in Neoliberal State-Building.” International Political Sociology 6 (1): 36-56.


Cory Blad. “Teaching Social Structure in a Poststructural Classroom: A (Mild) Defense of an Economic Determinist Approach.” The Councilor: A Journal of the Social Sciences 73(1): 1-11.


Cory Blad. “The Paradoxical Return of National Culture in the Globalization Era: Theorizing Present and Future State Legitimation.” Race, Gender, and Class 18 (3-4): 329-347.


Cory Blad and Philippe Couton. “The Rise of an Intercultural Nation: Immigration, Diversity and Nationhood in Quebec.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 35(4).


Cory Blad. “Globalization and the Efficacy of National Culture: A Methodological Framework for Analyzing the Neoliberal State.” International Journal of Social Inquiry 1(2): 37-67.

Courses Taught/Teaching

SOC 150      First-Year Seminar: Urban Sociology
SOC 212      Migration, Globalization, and Culture
SOC 304      Social Class and Inequality
SOC 307      Research Methods
SOC 310      Sociology of Deviance
SOC 327      Power and Conflict
SOC 329      Political Economy of Global Migration

URBN 202    Urban Environments
URBN 402    Independent Study: GIS and Urban Studies