Adam Koehler

Adam Koehler

Associate Professor

Department : English

Email :

Phone : 718-862-7546

Office : MEM 418


PHD, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
MA, John Carroll University
BA, John Carroll University


My research examines the intersection of composition studies and creative writing, particularly the ways in which new media studies and digital technologies affect conceptions of "craft" in creative writing and how digital understandings of craft may help develop the teaching of not only imaginative writing, but also expository and essay writing.  I'm interested in how the literary and aesthetic avant-garde of the twentieth century - in music, painting, and film as well as writing - has informed digital writing practices.

Other research interests: ethics and rhetoric, humor and rhetoric, and sound studies.

Professional Experience


  • Modern Language Association
  • Rhetoric Society of America
  • National Council of Teachers of English

Publications & Professional Activities

"Screening Subjects: Workshop Pedagogy, Media Ecologies, and (New) Student Subjectivities."  Creative Writing in the Digital Age.  Forthcoming, January 2014.

"Policies, Procedures, and Possibilities: A WPA Checks in with the Field."  Status and Identity in First Year Composition.  Forthcoming, December 2013.

“Electricity and Lust.” The Collagist 44 (15 March 2013).

“Digitizing Craft: Creative Writing Studies and New Media.” College English 75 (2013): 379-97.  Print.

“Frozen Music, Unthawed:” Ka-Knowledge, Creative Writing, and the Electromagnetic Imaginary.”  Enculturation 7 (2010):

“The Mutilation of Voice in Kid A (Or My John Mayer Problem)” Radiohead and Philosophy. Chicago: Open Court Press, 2009.

Conference Papers and Presentations:

  • "We Are Not Gatekeepers: Complicating Our Relationships with Student Texts," Conference on College Composition and Communication, St. Louis, MS, March 2012
  • “Another Day of Good Vs Evil at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.: Reimagining Creative Writing, Composition Studies, and Service Learning,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Louisville, KY, March 2010
  • “Listening to Reason: Rhetoric and Creative Writing in Harmony,” Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, October 2009
  • “Rhetoric, Rhythm Science, and the Electromagnetic Imaginary,” Thomas R Watson Conference in Rhetoric and Composition, Louisville, KY, October, 2008
  • “Critical Thinking and the Teaching of Writing in English 110,” Manhattan College Faculty Development Meeting, Riverdale, NY, January 2009
  • “Singing and Signing: Representation and the (F)act of Writing in Composition Studies,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, New Orleans, LA, April 2008
  • “Networked Ethics as Sustainable Aesthetic Expression,” Western States Rhetorics and Literacy Conference, Tempe, AZ, October 2007 (co-written with Scot Barnett)
  • “Theory and the (F)act of Writing: Representation and Hermeneutic Deciphering in Composition Studies,” Midwest Modern Language Association, Cleveland, OH, November 2007
  • “Making a Scene: Spaces of Affect and the Erasure of Language in Sigur Ros,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, New York City, March 2007 (co-written with Scot Barnett)
  • “‘To Essay Our Lives:’ Composition Studies and Creative Writing in the Wake of Posthuman Theory,” Madlit Conference, UW – Madison, March 2006
  • “A Heart-Shaped History: Love and Discourse in Julian Barnes’ A History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters,” Conference on the Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, Hawaii, January 2005 (accepted, not attended)

Honors & Awards

New York University's Faculty Resource Network, Summer 2009.

Manhattan College Research Summer Grant, Summer 2013.


Dr. Koehler is also the Director of the Writing Program at Manhattan College.

Courses Taught/Teaching

ENGL 110      College Writing
ENGL 210      Exposition and Argumentation
ENGL 240      Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 326      Advanced Composition
ENGL 333      Grammar and Writing
ENGL 340      Studies in Creative Writing
ENGL 399      Independent Study
ENGL 405      Peer Tutor Training