Message from the Alumni Society President

Joseph P. Dillon ’62
August 2013


After two years as Alumni Society president, I am pleased to report on some of the progress made with regard to various alumni initiatives. This past 2012-2013 academic year, our focus has been on three principal areas:

1. To continue to develop alumni affinity and interest groups. Thanks to the leadership of our Alumni Relations staff (Tom McCarthy, director; Ainsley Woakes, assistant director; and Ellie Calabro, manager), we had a very successful year with nearly 90 total events including 30 regional events (New Jersey, Saratoga, Long Island, Hudson Valley, Florida, Arizona, Virginia, California, Washington, D.C., Georgia, Connecticut and Texas to name a few) and six receptions for prospective students as well as seven receptions associated with Athletics and teams' games. There were also events sponsored by the Latino Alumni Club, the Financial Services Advisory Council and other professional and interest-based groups. We will continue to expand our affiliated clubs to include areas such as medicine and health, entertainment and media, and engineering groups, as interest is expressed by alumni.

2. To develop activities and programs specifically supporting young alumni (graduates of 2000 and later). There were five events tailored to our young alumni. A young alumni board was initiated to provide focus and develop plans for future events. Our interest in developing a mentor program for young alumni, patterned after the successful mentor program for students, remains a priority. Unemployment and under-employment in this difficult economy remains a concern particularly for recent graduates. You will hear more about these efforts in the coming year.

3. To position the Alumni Society as a support organization for the various alumni activities and groups already in place.  Active alumni groups such as the Spiked Shoe Club and the Plumbers (environmental engineering) can benefit by having the Alumni Society promote and support their activities. We have initiated discussions with the Athletics department about participating in the recently formed Jasper Athletic Club and the annual Manhattan College Invitational for high school track teams. The Law Alumni Club was reactivated and is planning future events as early as this fall. We are constantly seeking alumni volunteers for those interested in mentoring our students, serving on our alumni board, and assisting with the College's annual career fairs for undergraduates. The key to successful alumni activities is volunteers! Whatever your interest — athletics, admissions recruitment, on-campus activities, academic, or social  we can find an area for you to help.

Our focus for this coming year will continue to be on these three priorities with an added layer, celebrating the official admission of women to the College with the 40th anniversary of coeducation. More on this to come.

We welcome and encourage all of our alumni is to get involved! I promise you it will be a fun and rewarding experience. To find out more or to have any questions answered, contact Tom McCarthy at or Joe Dillon at We look forward to hearing from you and seeing much more of you at our events!

Joe Dillon

Joseph P. Dillon ’62
Alumni Society President