Early Decision

For those students who consider Manhattan College their top choice, the Early Decision Program affords you the opportunity to apply and receive a decision earlier in the admissions cycle. However, please be aware that our early decision program is binding, meaning that if you are accepted under this program you must enroll at Manhattan College and withdraw all applications for admission to other institutions.


  • No one is rejected during the early decision application process.  If the Admissions Committee determines that they need to evaluate updated academic information to make an enrollment decision, your application would be rolled over into the regular decision pool, at which point you would be released from the binding agreement.     
  • Eliminates the effort and expense of filling out applications to multiple colleges.
  • Diminishes the stress associated with uncertainly about their future academic plans that many high school seniors experience, since decisions are made very early in the cycle.
  • Expedited scholarship consideration.
  • Even if your application is deferred to regular decision, the admissions committee will make note that Manhattan College is your top choice, which will be viewed favorably during a later evaluation.

If You Are Accepted...

You are committed to enroll at Manhattan College if you are admitted through the Early Decision Program.  You are assured a place in the class, conditional upon your maintaining the same high level of academic achievement upon which your acceptance was based.  You must submit a nonrefundable deposit ($900 for resident students and $500 for commuter students) by the deadline indicated on your acceptance letter.

All Early Decision candidates are automatically evaluated for academic scholarship.  Should you qualify for a Presidential, Dean’s or Chancellor’s Award based on your GPA and standardized test scores, you will be notified at the time of acceptance.

Your need-based financial aid award will be sent to you shortly after you submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Manhattan College’s FAFSA code is 002758.  Our preferred filing date is February 15th

If you are accepted, you must withdraw all applications to other colleges. 

If You are Deferred...

If you are not accepted under Early Decision, you application will be deferred to regular decision for further consideration later in the admissions cycle.  You will be notified of your admissions decision no later than April 1st.  Typically, the Admissions Committee will request mid-year senior grades as well as updated standardized test scores if available in order to make a final decision.  Since applying Early Decision indicates to the Admissions Committee that Manhattan College is your first choice, Early Decision candidates who have been deferred may have an advantage over similarly qualified applicants in later competition for admission. 

If you are not admitted through the Early Decision Program but are admitted later on in the process through regular decision, you are no longer committed to enroll at Manhattan College.  

Applying Early Decision: