Meet Manhattan College Students


Mary Kate Boylan

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

Major: Communication

MC activities: I am the managing and news editor of our school newspaper, The Quadrangle. I am a resident assistant and orientation leader, and also work in the Communication department on campus as a student worker. I am the president of the communication honors society, Lambda Pi Eta, and a member of Pen and Sword Society.

I completed a semester-long internship with Women’s eNews.

I chose MC because: I felt right at home in the small, tight-knit community.

Favorite class: Religious Dimensions of Peace with Dr. Joseph Fahey has definitely been my favorite class so far — I strongly recommend it as a religion elective.

Typical weekend at MC: Usually heading into the city with friends.

Favorite part of attending school in NYC: I haven't been bored yet! The options for internships or exploring with friends are endless.



Stephanie Brooks

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.

Major: Communication with the broadcast and journalism option

MC activities: Orientation leader, tour guide, Standing Together organization, Association for Black Culture

I chose MC because: Location, location, location! Also, I knew that the small class sizes would be conducive to my learning experience.

Favorite class: Art, philosophy, psychology. While none of these were related directly to my major, they definitely helped shape me, and have a tremendous impact on my career here at Manhattan.

Typical weekend at MC: Draw in Central Park, relax behind Jasper Hall in the gazebo, sleep late and have a delicious brunch in Locke’s Loft.

Favorite part of attending school in NYC: Getting assigned to do out-of-classroom work. Having to go to a trendy art gallery doesn't always feel like homework, especially when all of the city’s most elite are there!



Jose Chavarry

Hometown: Island Park, N.Y.

Major: Double major in history and Spanish

Minor: Double minor in art history and medieval studies

MC activities: Orientation leader, resident assistant for the Arches, Spanish lab assistant, mail-room employee, many intramural sports

I chose MC because: Small class sizes!

Favorite class: So many! Latin Tutorial, Medieval Studies Seminar with the dean, French Revolution, Spanish American History, Modern Spanish Novels, etc.

Typical weekend at MC: Friday, just relaxing after classes and hanging out with friends; Saturday, maybe go to an event, such as a sports game or a trip downtown; Sunday, mostly homework.

Favorite part of attending school in NYC: I get to visit so many places, since Manhattan is so close by!



Matthew Flood

Hometown: Stamford, Conn.

Major: Double major in English and philosophy

MC activities: Lasallian Collegians, orientation leader, tutor, intramural dodgeball, softball, soccer and frisbee

I chose MC because: I loved the size of the school and its proximity to the city.

Favorite class: Anything in either English or philosophy; it's too hard to pick one.

Typical weekend at MC: There’s usually an event on campus on Friday night — last year my friends and I won a Lego building competition! There are often trips to the city on Saturdays, including baseball games (Go Mets!) and Broadway shows. I reserve Sunday for napping and homework.

Favorite part of attending school in NYC: I love all of the museums we have access to, especially the Museum of Natural History.



Jennifer Wong

Hometown: Queens, N.Y.

Major: Mechanical engineering

Minor: Math

MC activities: Crew team, Christ in your Life, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), intramural volleyball and soccer

I chose MC because: I wanted to study engineering in a place that would challenge me academically.

Favorite class: Thermodynamics

Typical weekend at MC: Waking up on Saturday morning to see the sunrise over the Harlem River (a typical crew practice). Then it's brunch in Locke's Loft, followed by studying. And there are tons of things to do in the city when one is finished studying — Broadway shows, baseball/hockey games, movies or hanging out with friends is a nice break from the books. The weekend usually concludes with the writing of lab reports late Sunday night.

Favorite part of attending school in NYC: Meeting people from all over the world right here at home.



Gabriel Quiroz

Hometown: Monterey, Calif.

Major: Marketing and management

MC Activities: Players, Jasper Runners, Manhattan Magazine, International Club, Marketing Club

I chose MC Because: Being from California, it has always been my ambition to head to the East Coast, especially New York. Manhattan College offers a fantastic academic atmosphere and education. Unlike many other schools in New York, it is one of the few schools that has a campus, giving the students a common place and area to work and mingle away from the city, yet close enough to participate in all that New York has to offer.

Favorite Class: Macroeconomics, Meteorology, American History of Business, Computer Information Systems.

Typical Weekend at MC: Manhattan College has so many activities to participate in that it is almost impossible to keep track of them. A typical weekend at MC would be doing one of the activities that are offered, whether it be a movie night, an athletic event or school trip. That is, of course, after finishing homework. If there is still time, I always like taking the 1 train to Battery Park or downtown Manhattan.

Favorite Part of Attending School in NYC: Being in New York City, there are so many opportunities. Manhattan College is close to all the attractions that New York has to offer, such as the American Natural History Museum, Times Square and Broadway.