Application page

The completed form must be accompanied by a non-refundable $60 application fee and submitted to the office of Admissions:

Office of Admissions
4513 Manhattan College Pkwy.
Riverdale, NY 10471

Application Deadlines:

  • April 1 for summer session
  • July 10 for fall session
  • December 7 for spring session

Applicants for admission are responsible for having official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate courses mailed directly to the office of Admissions, submitting letters of recommendation and, if required, standardized test scores.

Official transcripts (not student copies) of all undergraduate records must be sent to the office of Admissions by the institutions issuing them. Applicants who file an application before the bachelor’s degree has been conferred may be accepted pending the successful completion of their undergraduate work. A final transcript must be received in the office of Admissions before they register for graduate courses.

Graduates of Manhattan College should request the office of the Registrar send an official transcript to the office of Admissions.

An application is not complete until all the necessary materials and application fee have been received by the office of Admissions. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. Students who file an application, whose official transcripts arrive after the deadline, cannot be assured that their application will be processed in time for the semester for which they are applying.

A committee of the engineering program for which a person is applying reviews the application and supportive documents and forwards a recommendation to the office of the dean of the School of Engineering. That office then informs the applicant of the decision. Those who have been accepted will receive the instructions for registration at the beginning of the session for which they have been accepted.

The documents submitted in support of application cannot be returned to the applicant nor can they be duplicated for any purpose. All documents received are part of the records of the College.